Al Gore: A Convenient Lie

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Al Gore: A Convenient Lie

Post by CraigInTwinCities » Mon Feb 26, 2007 11:50 pm

While the "useful idiots" in Hollywood seem poised to honor former VP Al Gore with a Best Documentary Oscar for his science fiction film, An Inconvenient Truth, Cato Institute environmentalist Patrick J. Michaels has posted a column which eviscerates the film's plethora of fictional "scientific facts." Not that lying is a barrier to winning a documentary, these days, as Michael Moore proved a few years ago with Bowling for Columbine.

Among the highlights of falsehoods, Gore's film claims that global warming could melt most of the ice in Greenland, raising the ocean's water level by "20 feet" by the year 2100. That's dramatically at odds, even with the panic-stricken U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, who estimate the ocean's water-levels to rise only by eight to 17 inches, not 20 feet.

Michaels' column is full of other facts that completely render Gore's film irrelevant in a discussion of facts - even facts touted by the most virulent global warming fanatics. Yet Hollywood is prepared tonight to embrace it and honor it more dearly than a Catholic Bible.

Guess it just goes to prove the old truism: there's no fixing stupid.
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