Barry Feld, UM professor, supports child murderers!

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Barry Feld, UM professor, supports child murderers!

Post by CraigInTwinCities » Sun Feb 18, 2007 2:49 pm

Pravda Minnesota has done it again. This time, they've found a way to condone murder if it means making GOP legislators look bad.

I'm speaking, of course, about they way they've sneaked editorial opinion into their coverage of a new law proposed by a pair of Republican legislators who are proposing "Emily's Law," a measure that would allow children as young as 13 to stand trail as adults, if the charge against them is murder or a similar violent felony.

Although reporter David Chanen didn't ignore the actual crime that inspired the legislators - the brutal murder of two-year-old Emily Johnson by a 13-year-old boy - Chanen made sure to find quotes from U of M radical Barry Feld, who would like to continue the practice of letting kids who commit murder off with a slap on the wrist, so they can be free to kill again later in life.

Here's how the editorializing slipped in:
Opponents argue that teens younger than 15 aren't psychologically mature enough to understand the consequence of their actions and that the adult correctional system isn't equipped to handle them.

"It is irresponsible public policy to introduce legislation like this," said Barry Feld, a criminal procedure and juvenile justice professor at the University of Minnesota. "How can you send kids to prison for life who can barely tie their shoes?"
So, forget about the horrible loss suffered by the parents. There's a chance to make a couple Republican lawmakers look heartless, so forget poor Emily. Let's just toss mud on the GOP, even if it means condoning murder when those who commit it are kids, also.

I wonder if Pravda Minnesota would have argued for such mercy for a teenage Hitler? It frankly wouldn't surprise me, if there was a way for them to make the GOP look bad in the process.
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