If you can't speak the language...

America, a nation built by immigrants, is facing tough choices for newcomers!
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If you can't speak the language...

Post by Jack » Thu Sep 14, 2006 2:53 pm

So the illegal immigrants are taxing the healthcare system in some states, driving without licenses and insurance (which causes a nightmare if they are in an accident), live in our country without paying taxes and typically don’t re-invest the money they make back into the economy of the community that supports them. Most importantly, it is becoming more important for CITIZENS to learn Spanish to deal with workforces, communities, and even to shop in some areas because the immigrants have no interest in learning English.

Should we be making it tougher for them to get into our country and punish those who employ them, or make it easier to become a citizen and require that they speak the language, pay taxes, and are held to the same laws that we are?

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Americans are immigrants too

Post by Schattenjager » Fri Sep 15, 2006 9:58 am

Let's not forget that Americans (at least the white people we know today) are immigrants too. They "discovered" the country, but only ended up second place because the Native Americans were there first. It's so easy for them to say they should make it more difficult to get into "their" country (it wasn't really theirs to begin with), forgetting history and where they all came from.

What if we reverse the roles? What if the Native Americans back then booted the white immigrants out? Do Americans have any idea how tough it is to live in Mexico? Do they know why Mexicans are leaving their land in droves? Make Americans READ THE NEWS, and maybe they'll LEARN SOMETHING.

Every person has a right to a better living.

Fair enough, there are rules that should be followed to the hilt--such as taxes and the like. But let's not make immigration rules any tougher than they already are. There are people from all corners of the globe suffering, and for them, moving to a land of opportunity may be the only they can live a life, rather than just survive.

It would be fair for immigrants to learn the native language they are now living in. This, I agree on, and I believe any immigrant from any racial descent should make an effort to do so in the new place they are living in.

However, I'd also like to point out that some Americans that live in our country, the Philippines, don't bother learning the local language.

Remember: Before we try to advocate anything and declare it as gospel, let's PRACTICE WHAT WE PREACH.
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Post by gwmlucy » Fri Sep 15, 2006 12:11 pm

I agree with the "learn the language". Getting a little tired of seeing everything, right down to McDonalds printing everything in English and Spanish. I'm not arguing that they don't have the right to come here; afterall, that is what America is all about. My ancestor's were not Native American Indian, so they were immigrants as well. But when they came here from Norway in the late 1800's, they learned the English language. They learned and taught it to everyone they knew. My great-great grandfather chastised his kids when they spoke Norwegian. He said "we are in America now and we will speak English." They were happy to be here and happy to learn the language. Why is it that now American has to print things in Spanish? You want to be here, fine. LEARN THE DAMN LANGUAGE! Everybody else has since the beginning of immigration. There are literally dozens, if not more, of different nationalities living in the USA. I don't see thing printed in Polish, Norwegian, German or anything else. Why do the Mexican's think they should be any different? And on that note, stop hanging the damn Mexican flag in the back window of your pickup trucks. If Mexico is so great, then go back there. You want to be in America and take advantage of all it has to offer? That's great. But here, we speak ENGLISH and we fly the AMERICAN flag. Get it? Got it? Good

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Post by luciensar » Sat Sep 16, 2006 12:21 pm

I think it's important consider that there's no organized group of Mexican imigrants who are saying "we refuse to learn English!". It's not some dedicated group who are trying to push this agenda. It's just the way things have evolved. When you get a whole big group of people who move from somewhere else and who then live all in the same area, they're going to continue to speak their native language. This is hardly new. For all the claims of "our ancestors had to learn English, why shouldn't they?", you must remember that the initial imigrants most certainly did not learn English right away and abandon their native languages. It took time. A couple generations. And you can see that happening already with the Mexicans (and other recent large imigratory groups like Hmong and Somali). The initial imigrants speak mostly their native languages. But their children do speak English as well. Learning a foreign language is a difficult thing - especially for adults who have had very little formal education. It does not inconvenience me to have signs posted in both Spanish and English. Sometimes I meet some people who I can't communicate very well with, but that's hardly a situation that only exists in the US.

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