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I don't have a remote for my TV, and didn't turn it off immediately when the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show came on recently. I could only stomach a couple minutes, but those minutes were very revealing. (Yeah, that's a pun if you want it to be.)

Oh, there was the occasional "model of color," or one with a slightly different nose or a round face, but honestly, there is a boring sameness to the appearance of these women. But it's not the woman I want to talk about here. It was the one male featured: Justin Timberlake.

Yes THE Justin Timberlake who assisted Janet Jackson with her "wardrobe malfunction" at that infamous 2004 Superbowl halftime show. It would have been easy for another malfunction, without Timberlake's assistance, as some of these Victoria's models seemed to be held into their costumes with double-stick tape. Cleavage and crotch shots abounded with not much left to the imagination.

But back to this sex hack Timberlake. After the 2004 Superbowl bruhaha, CBS proclaimed innocence, as did MTV (Malignant TV), producers of the sextravaganza, loaded with prurient imagery even before the Janet/Justin malfunction. CBS, MTV and the NFL all apologized. Well, for MTV to apologize about an exposed breast is like General Mills apologizing for putting an extra gram of sugar in Lucky Charms.

But if CBS was sincerely remorseful about the Superbowl incident why does this Timberlake fool keep showing up on CBS? Because they're not sorry; sex sells and Timberlake has evidently become associated with sex and sleaze. Honestly, I couldn't get much out of Timberlake's incoherent lyrics but "I'm bringin' sexy back" was one line I understood. Online, I discovered S-M allusions, and the "F" and "M-F" words, which I presume CBS must have made Timberlake change. But who knows, the guy never had a teacher who taught him to enunciate. Or to make sense. The line "Go ahead, be gone with it" is repeated over and over in the chorus.

Besides, if the "F" word had slipped out they could always claim it was a "lyrics malfunction."

Still haven't had enough of Timberlake? He's being featured at the Grammy awards. Guess what network? CBS, of course. The network has no shame.

The debate about the airwaves and freedom of expression aside, Any fines that the FCC gives CBS ought to be the maximum, just for the network's cynical dishonesty.

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