Tax Cheating Corporation Busted

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Tax Cheating Corporation Busted

Post by Xanadu » Thu Feb 22, 2007 11:18 pm

Corporate officers of a national janitor service chain arrested for fraud and tax crimes, while hundreds of illegal employees were caught in a multicity sweep. The company failed to pay employment taxes on millions in revenue.

Bravo! I feel badly for the hardworking people who were the peons in this con game, but I'm glad to see the Feds taking some action.

Conservatives and pro-business types have no credibility on illegal immigration issues at all as long as people in the business community are greedily exploiting illegal workers for profit while talking tough on immigration and national security. Maybe if we continue to aggressively pursue this kind of criminal behavior, Washington will be forced to get serious on coming up with a plan that matches would-be immigrants with labor markets legally, and removes the incentive to cheat with cheap, under the table labor.

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