Jennifer Lea Strange: Held her wee for a Wii too long!

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Jennifer Lea Strange: Held her wee for a Wii too long!

Post by CraigInTwinCities » Sun Feb 18, 2007 3:00 pm

The whole "Hold your wee to win a Nintendo Wii" promotion took an ugly turn in Sacramento, California recently. Even though a radio station and its disc jockeys demonstrated a lot of awareness that the water-drinking competition could lead to death by water intoxication, they did nothing to hold videogame-crazed fans from overdoing it to win a $250 videogame console.

The radio station knew the risks, doing so far as to compel contestants to sign a standard "hold harmless" waiver before competing. But despite all that, one woman died in her attempt to win the Wii, even going so far as to be interviewed on the radio, complaining of a bloated stomach that made her look like she "was pregnant" and headache... both danger signs of water intoxication.

Radio host Sean Hannity helped bring the story to a national spotlight and now comes the news that the woman's family is going to sue the radio station for gross negligence in her death, despite the "hold harmless" agreement.

I say, go get 'em! If it had been Red Bull instead of water, I doubt the station would have let contestants go to such unhealthy, potentially deadly extremes. Hiding negligence behind a "hold harmless" agreement is the epitome of premeditation.
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