Tainted Herion: Horse of another color

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Tainted Herion: Horse of another color

Post by LadyM » Thu Jan 25, 2007 2:14 pm

Some will say this is a good thing, but if you read the news...we have a problem with heroin in Minnesota. The MN Dept of Health is warning that a batch of herion in the state seems to have been cut with Clenbuterol, a drug similar to the human used asthma drug Albuterol. Clenbuterol is used to treat horse respiratory problems but can have serious and possibly fatal effects on humans.

While Albuterol must be used up to every 4 hrs, Clenbuterol can stay in someone's system for up to 2 days with sometimes disastrous effects.

Now I know we'll see a number of people commenting that this is just a way to weed out the illegal drug users in the state. I'd like folks to remember a few things:
1) these people, regardless of their drug use, are still people.
2) When people without medical insurance arrive at hospital emergency rooms we all eventually pay for their treatment through higher costs.
3) What if your child, sister, brother, cousin, etc decided on a lark to try something from a "friend" just this one time, and it was tainted?

Although the DEA has no confirmed cases of heroin tainted with Clenbuterol, they said that often these are only realized after the fact. New Jersey & Philadelphia have also issued warnings about Clenbuterol tainted heroin and both have several deaths confirmed.

How should we combat this?

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