Sick Crime

Crime - the media loves it, people fear it, and criminals get away with it!
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Sick Crime

Post by Terry » Wed Sep 06, 2006 9:41 am

You don't hear some sick stories like this very often. Three young men from Wisconsin got busted for robbing a grave. Their intention was to have sex with the buried corpse. They even bought condoms and planned to take the young woman's body home.

There is actually a term for such pathological behavior - necrophilia. There is actually a TV show that promotes such behavior - Jerry Srpinger! What has this society come to these days?!

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Sick. But Not a Crime

Post by NonPartisan » Thu Sep 07, 2006 10:37 am

Sick. I can think of some other words, too. You could tell the anchor on a local station was uncomfortable with the story. He said: "We're going to begin tonight with a story that's pretty disturbing, and frankly, a little scary." He didn't even want to say the "N" word, but twice referred to this "kind of crime."

Not only were the perverted perps too stupid to know that caskets are buried in a massive concrete vault but one of them told the cops everything. Wouldn't you think he'd say: "Well, we heard she was buried with some nice jewelry," instead of guaranteeing that they'd end up on the "Deviants of the Decade" list!? Hmmm. Maybe they were dreaming of making the Springer show.

The funny--funny strange, not ha-ha--aspect to this is that what the three perverts were planning to do isn't a crime in Wisconsin. Robbing a grave is, though not what they intended to do with the young woman's body if they had succeeded. But that's another story. Maybe the station should have led with that.

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