Picasso - Genius or Fraud?

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Picasso - Genius or Fraud

Absolute Fraud
Only Picasso Knew!
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Picasso - Genius or Fraud?

Post by Frasier » Thu Sep 14, 2006 9:01 pm

I know all your art snobs are laughing at me and thinking I am just some dumb redneck who knows nothing about art. I doubt you snobs really know sh*t about arts or simply praise whatever there is to praise or whatever other "artists" praise. Some of Picasso's traditional paintings are a lot better than his so-called cubism craps which have been raved by just everyone except me. That sh*t is fugly! I don't understand why no one sees that. Ohhh, this may explain it - once upon a time, an Emperor tried on his new clothes ...

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Post by luciensar » Fri Sep 22, 2006 12:32 pm

I enjoy cubism. And not from some "it's a way to look at a fractured universe through a fractured lens" kind of nonsense. I like it because it's interesting to look at. The colors Picasso used were very important in conveying a feeling throughout his pieces and it's interesting to see how he did that while also playing with the form of objects.

The problem here is that you think some kind of painting is "traditional". That's just not true. Different styles are different and none of them is just the standard for painting. Even if something is drawn exactly as it appears in life, that does not mean it is drawn in the same style as something else which also appears as it does in life.

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