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Do you read movie reviews?
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Post Do you read movie reviews? 

Does a movie critic's review play any role in your decision on whether to watch a movie? To me, it used to help me decide which movies to watch. Now, I don't care much about what the critics say. I think they are at least wrong 50% of the time in general. For Roger Ebert, he is wrong 80% of the time and he needs to find a better place to stick his thumb into.

When the movie "The Lost City" came out, a local movie critic gave the movie 1 out of 4 star. I went to see the movie anyway and really liked it. The movie was a bit long, but the story was good, the music was good and the acting was good too. I'd give it 3 stars. When the movie "The De Vinci Code" came out, no critics raved about it, but I found the movie was rather well-done given the complexicity of the story.

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Movie critics are so jaded I dont even bother anymore. They rave about stuff like citizen kane. Personally Im a simple man and I want to see sh*t explode and maybe have an emotion at the end. Call me crazy but Im tired of all these quasai good movies. The Matrix for example, everyone gives me sh*t cause they say its so thought prevoking. No it isnt, humans dont generate enough heat to be a viable energy source. Less chat more hat, I wanna see more stuff like the original Predator. Im also tired of all the epic films, stop with the damn 250 million dollar trilogies. Make another Clerks, the original not 2... o.O

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I don't trust movie reviewers. They think they're so cultured. They give you this impression that if you don't agree with them, you're a barbarian. I'm looking at you, Ebert.

What I do look at are forums about movies. I'd rather see the collective opinion of ordinary people than some elitist, effeminate movie critic's worthless $0.02.

Lesson I learned for not reading ahead of time: Gothika. It's one of the worst movies I've ever watched. The only movies that are worse are by Uwe Boll.

Speaking of Boll, he's a real stinker. Read the opinions, and they're all the same. Ask the critics, and their response is more elaborate, but they'd still say he's toe jam. Bottom line: Uwe's flicks have less value than turd and the Yen.

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I read movie reviews after I've seen the movie, and then I either agree with the people or laugh at their stupidity. Leonard Maltin is a good one. Like he wrote about "The Royal Tennenbaums" that there was basically no story, which is a completely stupid thing to say, so I threw the book down and laughed.

Film critics these days are too concerned about making cute little puns ("RV runs out of gas," "Rumor has It proves rumors are bad_" and not worried enough about properly evaluating the movie.

Personally, I think way too many great movies of the past - stuff as diverse as Its a Wonderful Life and Harold and Maude - has been slammed by critics but then absolutely loved by audiences.

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