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Atheism= Communism??
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Post Atheism= Communism?? 

I just read through a rebuttal of Richard Dawkin's book "The God Delusion" by Pastor Robert Hellmann.

Now Pastor Hellmann is most certainly entitled to his opinion about God, Atheism and Darwin, but I had a very hard time, even as a person of faith, following his connections between Darwinism, Atheism and Communism.

Let's see, Pastor Hellmann said that communism is based on Atheism and evolution. He also made the claim that Atheism and evolution are both "based on the philosophy (religion) of materialism". Okay. Sure. If you say so.

The last time I checked, evolution was based on scientific research and theory. Atheism is based on personal belief or some may claim on "logic". I don't agree with the Atheist viewpoint, but neither do I find a way to accept pastor Hellmann's view.

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That's about as dubious as the connection between Iraq and Al Queda, before we invaded.

Seems like people like to think of all the things they hate/don't understand/think of as evil and lump them in together, whether they have anything to do with each other or not!

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