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Who should judge the president?
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Post Who should judge the president? 

Saw NBC Brian Williams' interview with Geroge Bush on the evening news. Bush was asked about his legacy. He didn't answer it directly, but said that his job was to make tough decisions and as to whether his decisions would bring the world peace and prosperity, people would have a better answer 30 or 40 years from now. He mentioned that he recently read a book about George Washington. He said that historians are still debating about George Washington's place in American history even today.

His message was pretty clear - his presidency should be judged by history, not what we see everyday on TV about Iraq.

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I don't buy this.

If you want to give Bush a free pass while he's in office go ahead, but I feel perfectly comfortable saying his decisions have been almost consistently terrible. Will the world be a better place in 30 or 40 years? I hope so, but it will be despite, and not because of George W. Bush.

Bush is asking you to turn off your mind, and have faith in him. No thanks.

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1) That shows his unbelievable arrogance. He honestly thinks historians will justify his actions in 40 years. Barring a catacylsmic shift in human ethics and history and democratic theory, I don't see that happening. If anything, he's headed to Ulysses S. Grant territory.

2) His presidency should be judged by what we know now, and everything we know now says he's an awful leader.

3) Still debating George Washington's legacy? What book is he reading? The only debate about Washington goes something like this:

Person A: He was outstanding, our greatest President.
Person B: No, Lincoln and Roosevelt were better. Washington was a mediocre general and didn't really have to face any trials and blah blah blah.
Person A: Well, all things considered, he's one of the greatest Americans, a true hero.
Person B: I would agree with that.

No one out there honestly thinks Washington was anything less than a "good" President. Bush just likes fancying himself after Washington instead of the Presidents he should be compared to (say, hid idol McKinley, Harding, Reagan, and about 15 others).

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