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Product placement
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Does it seem to anyone else like product placement is on the rise? I mean, we've always found advertisements for popular products in the background of television shows, but it seems to be on the rise. The explanation is definitely tivo and similar services. So many people are getting their television without watching it live on a television these days that advertisers are turning their backs away from the standard 5-minute block of commercials and looking towards the shows themselves. Will this eventually lead to "commercial-free" television that is, in fact, loaded with subliminal messages designed to sell you products? Warren Ellis concieved of "Buy Bombs" in his graphic novel Transmetropolitan - subliminal ads that are absorbed all at once in a burst and then unravel into your dreams, telling you about the fine products from Godti Makers and Ebola Cola. Is that the path we're headed on?

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Ebola Cola? Frightening! I haven't noticed less commercials, unfortunately, but have certainly noticed more advertising in other mediums. Magazines, junk mail, etc. It is crazy to think how many advertisements we come in contact with on a daily basis...

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