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Stem Cell advances and setbacks
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A Massachusetts company - Advanced Cell Technology - has recently made a breakthrough in the creation of stem cells without destroying the embryo from which it was created. It seems like this should be the sort of thing that people on both sides of the debate can be happy about. Those who are interested in saving lives can be happy that maybe now progress can be made without wading through the hordes of the other side - those who are too dumb to realize that destroying an embryo is not "destroying life". But it's not the case. President Bush's loyal minions of orthodoxy seem to be arguing against this new advance as well. It seems that they're very interested in mixing their philosophy with our science. No matter how many advances are made to appease these people, they're still going to claim that it's murder. I have little doubt that most of these people couldn't fumble their way through a high school biology class if they were being paid for it.

Why are the scientific communities around the world beholden to the uninformed opinion of the masses? We're not talking about Dr. Frankenstein creating life in his laborator here. The ethical issue here is one that has been manufactured for political reasons. Stem cell research, like gay marriage, is just another issue that the current administration has leapt on so that they can divert attention away from their own murders. Standing in the way of progress for political stability is sickening.

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Excuse me, but you seem to be somewhat misinformed.

When Scientists play GOD, with stem cells and genetics, the thought of frankenstein comes to mind quite quickly.

You should educate yourself on the facts before pirouetting around in your pajamas.

There are ethical concerns about stem cell research, very valid ones, ever seen the movie SOLIENT green.

I see the issues on both sides, and as a person who will likely need such help in the future, butt I do think that we should be responsible about what research is done and how it is done.

Just my two cents.

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