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Will Anti-Gun Freaks exploit school murders?
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Post Will Anti-Gun Freaks exploit school murders? 

In the space of a week, there have been three school shootings, in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Pennsylyvania. Each one different, but with some disturbing similarities, at least with the Colorado and Pennsylvania ones. In Colorado, the creep took six girls hostage, molesting them, and then killed one. In Pennsylvania, some bloodthirsty idiot with a reported 20 year old grudge, took over an Amish school, and only killed girls. (Pundits are already suggesting a copycat crime.) As I write this, the death toll is four, and could easily rise, with several in critical condition. In Wisconsin, a 15 year old male killed a principal.

That last one was more typical, as most school killings are by students, not adults. The last big killing was at the Red Lake Reservation in Minnesota: nine murdered by a 17-year-old in March, 2005.

But before the blood is even done clotting on this Pennsylvania butchery, I bet the anti-gun freakos will be screaming for more gun laws, more controls, more blahdeblahde-same-old you-know-what. Just shut up, you people! We've tried that, and it has tragically failed. Hey, freaks! Blood is on your hands. Please don't exploit this.

The Amish school poses a difficult problem, as they are pacifists and eschew the use of guns, and any kind of violence, even in self defense. But maybe this atrocity will be a wakeup call to them. For the easy solution I propose would work for them, too. No metal detectors, no X-raying of bookbags, no profiling, no million dollar security systems.

Arm the teachers. Arm the principals. Arm the janitors. Teach them to shoot: accurately, and lethally.

Simple. Inexpensive. Effective.

No delays while SWAT teams gather, plan a strategy, negotiate, and wait, wait, wait, in the deadly debate of whether to go in and set off a bloodbath, or go in after the bloodbath starts. Hobson's choice, and children and teachers die.

No more Columbines, no more Red Lakes. No more Nickel Mines.

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