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Bob Woodward's State of Credibility
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Bob Woodward is releasing a new book "State of Denial" which accuses the Bush administration of hiding information from the public about how bad it is in Iraq. He claims that the administration knows that the insurgents are out of control, attacking the US troops once every 4 hours on average.

Setting aside his accusations, my question is: do this guy have any credibility left?

He knew the CIA leak case from the start, but didn't tell anyone. He and his watergate buddy misled the public about the "Deep Throat" identity for decades and let the whole nation onto a big guessing game. He wrote many books, each of which has been biased for marketing purpose. The most of all, insiders have said that in his first version of "All President's Men", there was no such a character as "Deep Throat". That version was rejected by the publisher for not sexy or sleazy enough. So, he and his buddy came back with the second version that created the infamous "Deep Throat". No wonder when who the "Deep Throat" was revealed, he and Berstein had to get together for an extended period of time to set their story in sync. No wonder everyone believed that the "Deep Throat" was a composite of several people rather than one.

Bob Woodward is wearing the mask of a journalist. But he has been profiting left and right from books that tell biased stories. Here he comes again. Should real journalists have such agendas like selling sleazy books?

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